Sensational Massages By Mandi
Mandi Bess, RMT, On site massages, Ft Worth Tx

Services and Rates

Chair Massages available $125 1 hr book in advance.

Spot Treatment: This is only for a particular area that needs worked on.  This is not a full body massage.  30 min $35 1 hr $65

Swedish: A gentle massage with stimulation and relaxation. 30 min $55 1 hr $85 90 min $125

Prenatal: For those expecting moms that need to relax and get the pressure away from the back, this is for you.  These are beneficial if bought in packages and a great time for you to bond with the baby before arrival.  It helps with the child after birth with calmness and relaxation so mom can have a restful night. 30 min $55 1 hr $85  Call for packages

Hot Stone: A massage that is done with river stones that are heated to help penetrate the muscles and loosen them before the therapist works on them.  Very relaxing and very popular. 1 hr $95 90 min $125

Trigger Point: This is a spot treatment for certain muscles that are tight and knotted.  This is a good massage for the fast-paced person who does not have time for a relaxing massage that will cover the entire body. 30 min $70  1 hr $125

Deep Tissue: A massage that is very intense in some cases but works out any muscle tightness and knots that can be found.  Usually this is for the very stressed and very active type person who never takes time for themselves. 30 min  $70 1 hr $125

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.